The Power of Pause: Pet a Cat When You Encounter One

The second of Halo's "Coffee Conversations" explores the Power of Pause. True pause is simple, but not easy. It is essential, but often reduced as platitudinal. It is intensely personal, but also our greatest act of service. 

Pay attention to the small acts and items of life: the smell of coffee, the fullness of the moon, a cat in the street. Pause to notice all the good, big and small, in a world roaring in chaos, busyness and flux. In choosing to do this brave and personal act, we choose to override our automatic pilot. We become human beings, not human doings, responsible, accountable and powerful beyond measure.

Helen Jackson explores the power of pause as the path to our sovereignty. She is a woman with the power to launch ships, forged over 25+ years of driving massive people and cultural change programs across Industrial Relations, Professional and Financial Services around the globe. She is also a woman of presence, expansion, and peace; leading in a world of thinking minds with a compassionate heart.

In her conversation with Dan, she explores the notion of pause as one which both requires and yields presence, expansion and peace. Ultimately, pausing reminds us that we are response-able for our neurocircuitry. We own our actions and reactions. We choose our lived experience. The antidote to chaos is not the removal of chaos itself, but the wisdom to choose our response to chaos. When we choose our response, we choose our reality. We choose our power.