Halo was born out of a single question, and a single decision:

What will you do with this one beautiful life?

Founded by Jessie Young in Sydney in 2020, halo is a member community and advisory network that connects, supports and empowers women around the world. The network is a combination of leading female investors, operators and leaders across start-ups and scale-ups.

As the forces of COVID-19 crumbled traditional nodes of connection and communication, businesses and the teams that led them ached for creativity, innovation and purpose.

Like electricity, business lines are not hollow. They are solid through and through. Nor does sovereign leadership flow, trickle or drip. It is not subject to the laws of fluid dynamics. It is a force. The leaders we respect, raise and become are inseparable from the lines of the business.  Yet the product chains and ways of working we designed to respond to new normals ignored the ways in which true leadership and its infrastructure operate. There is power in connecting the grid of leaders, across business, roles, functions, stages. 

Enter the halo movement. Sovereign women are stronger leaders; stronger leaders together power the zeitgeist. 

Halo now operates across Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, with member hubs in Sydney, New York City and London. Access to halo house, the mentoring networking, is available globally via the digital offering. To find out more, complete the contact form.