• The Power of Pause: Pet a Cat When You Encounter One

    Power is rooted in responsibility and accountability. One does not exist without the other. When we pause to recognise our limbic reactions, and take ownership of our responses, we claim sovereignty among the chaos of the world. The power of pause becomes the path to our full power. Watch here for the full video of our second Coffee Conversation with a woman who has the power to launch ships, Helen Jackson.
  • The Power of State: Stand up Straight with Your Shoulders Back

    Power permeates from our physical state, but its roots are in our metaphysical state of being. Daring to be dangerous begins with owning the sources of your innate power and then channeling them through your actions and reactions. Watch here for the full video of our first Coffee Conversation with the formidable force that is Andrea Culligan.
  • Reclaiming power: marching for (self) justice

    The stacking and layering of disempowerment at workplaces is insidious, institutional and common. How to rewrite the workplace narrative, and claim your subjectivity, is where the real work begins.
  • Choosing to challenge on International Women's Day

    A reflection on the inside-job of challenging what it means to be, and become, on International Women's Day