The Power of State: Stand up Straight with Your Shoulders Back

The first of Halo's "Coffee Conversations" explores the Power of State, imploring us all to Stand Up Straight with your Shoulders Back. Power permeates from our physical state, but its roots are in our metaphysical state of being. Daring to be dangerous begins with owning the sources of your innate power and then channeling them through your actions and reactions.

Andrea Culligan dives deep with Dan on how owning her physical, spiritual and emotional experiences enables her to signal strength, recalibrate after defeat, and position herself to live into her fullest power. She is a woman on the edge in every way. An awarded entrepeneur come senior-most advisor on innovation and strategy for Australia's most cutting edge enterprises, Andrea's professional days are spent strategising on the models that will literally take us into space. She pushes the edge in her personal life equally hard; from taking roads less travelled on her motorcycle through Italy, to climbing Everest, she lives into the depth and breadth of life.

Here, however, over a simple coffee, we find that Andrea's feats (though many) are not her power. Her power is her choice. Her choice to walk away from the perfect man. Her choice to rise before the sun in the morning. Her choice to own the ugly and the anxious, just as the beautiful and the inspired. Her choice to ask for no less than she deserves.